Beaches & Snorkeling

Beautiful Snorkeling reefs and marine life right off the beach


Pigeon Island boast two lovely beaches, readily available beach chairs showers and amenities. 

British Naval Headquatters

Admiral Rodney

We provide sightseeing tours where the Admiral heavily fortified Pigeon island with cannons and barracks for his naval army as well as installing a lookout post on Pigeon Island which turned out to be very influential in " The Battel of the 


French Pirates



Mid 1500’s French Pirate: Francois le Clerc ( Jambe de bois )

Believed to have 300 men

Used the Island as a base roaming as far as cuba

1554 He captured and looted four Spanish Galleons and hid part of the bounty in a cave on the north side of Pigeon Island.

World War II



1941 WW2 Pigeon Island is used as a communications base code named: “ Peter Item “

Barracks for 300 men and quarters for 25 officers .



Indigenous people of the West Indies Caribs and Arawaks used the islet for fishing 




6th June 1795 while British were suffering from yellow fever. Brigands attacked Pigeon Island.

18th - 19th June 1795 British troops quietly escaped under nightfall before a Brigand attack at Tapion


Josset's House

 Pigeon Island was leased to Josset Agnes Hutchinson, an actress with the D’Oyle Carte Theatre of England in 1937